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Why Celery?

Launch presales in minutes.

Accept Orders Now, Charge Later

Capture post-campaign momentum without the risk of chargebacks and customer angst.

Retroactively Edit Existing Orders

Allow customers to switch variants and/or update shipping addresses without costly re-orders.

Referrals, Abandoned Cart and More

Boost sales by addding referrals and abandoned cart recovery to your presales.

Who Uses Celery?

An average crowdfunding project raises an additional 10% of their goal post-campaign.


Chronos uses Celery to power their product launch.


Nebia utilizes Celery to grow their business after Kickstarter.


Misen uses presales to prove demand to investors and determine CPA.

Maker Studio

Maker Studios boosts sales by allowing creators to presell swag via their YouTube channels.


Bluesmart built a custom pre-order checkout on top of Celery.


BauBax leveraged pre-orders to capture residual momentum after Kickstarter.

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